Expert Tips for Scoring High in Google Dinosaur Game

Google's addictive Dinosaur Game seems simple on the surface - just tap spacebar to jump over cacti and pterodactyls as long as you can. But advancing to high scores takes strategy, quick reflexes, and practice. Follow these pro tips to improve your performance in the endless runner hit.

Timing is everything - don't just mash the spacebar randomly. Watch for gaps in the cacti and jump just before reaching the hazard. Hesitating or premature jumping often leads to disaster. Memorizing level patterns through repetition minimizes reacted and helps build muscle memory for the proper timed jumps.

Resist overusing the duck function unless mandatory. Ducking under pterodactyls seems safe but drastically slows your momentum. Only duck when a collision is absolutely imminent. Better yet, time a small hop to avoid the flyer without losing much speed.

Don't fear cacti. Bumping into cacti hurts but temporarily boosts your dino's sprint speed. Sometimes it's better to take a calculated hit and keep momentum. Just be cautious not to get trapped.

Enable endless mode so your game only stops on collisions, not at an arbitrary score. Practice specific level segments to master their tricky timing and patterns. Play on hard mode to challenge yourself.

With practice, you can go from 50 point novice to 500+ point Chrome Dino pro. Follow these tips and your high score dreams will soon become a reality!